Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Caitlin's Quilted Christmas Balls

Hi again, I had the most wonderful surprise this morning. My great-niece Caitlin (who is 13) sent me a lovely package. It contained 6 quilted Christmas balls and they are so beautiful. She wanted to help so she offered to make some Christmas balls for the project. I am very sure that they will be sold very quickly!! A super big hug to Caitlin, luv ya dearly. Thank you very, very much.

Christmas Humbugs

Hello, here is one of the Christmas Humbugs that I stitched. The first picture is before I sewed it together, and the other two pictures are after the sewing is done. And this humbug is already sold! I was showing it to a friend of mine and she bought it. Yahoo!! Thanks a bunch.

Di from Arkansas

Hello tis me again, I must apologize to Di, I have not posted very much since Janice and I got back from Ohio. We were down there with some wonderful ladies who we met at another retreat in Canada and when they had their own retreat in October, I invited myself down. Of course they said yes, and that they would love to have us (Janice and I). While we were there, Di had stitched up a lovely fingertip towel for our project and she was working on another one that weekend. And silly me had not posted her work. So finally, here it is.

Janice's Cards

Hello everyone, Janice has been stitching away, I swear her needle must be smokin' hot! She does such pretty cards. Here are some of them. Louise