Saturday, March 31, 2012

Carole's Afghans

Goodness, two posts in one day! My neighbour Louise and her husband have been so helpful to me in the past couple of years and now her daughter is involved. Carole crocheted some lovely afghans for us. One is a beautiful aubergine (purple) and the other is a summery green. She does lovely work. One of her sister-in-law saw her crocheting and asked about it, and when she heard about the Jaxon project, she donated a beautiful light blue afghan. Thank you so very much, they will keep somebody very warm this winter!



Package in Mail

Hello wonderful readers, tis me again.
I will try to do better in posting more often. I received a wonderful surprise in the mail this week. Michelle, a lady I had met on the cruise in January sent us some goodies. The box contained jewellery that she had made as well as a couple of dishcloths. Thank you ever so much.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sorry for not posting sooner

Hi everyone, I must apologize to you all for not posting sooner. I am finally getting my energy back after the surgery and resulting infection that I had in my incision! My sympathies to all of you who have gone through something similar. I do have some pictures to take and I will show you some lovely afghans that my neighbours daughter made for us. And I will show you what I have just finished.

I love to read people's blogs and it never fails to amaze me the things that they write about. This blog is, for me, mainly about Jaxon and the efforts to raise more money for the charity. Unfortunately because of the surgery, I haven't been able to visit with Jaxon, that will soon be changing because I have started to drive again! Yea!! A happy dance for sure.

If you would like to see some "works in progress" or WIPs as we call them, please make a comment or send me an e-mail - stitchingweezie at - I usually check this e-mail once a week, so please give me some time to respond.

A friend of mine asked me if I was going to be raising money again this year for the charity. I will tell you that I am in it for the long run, as long as I can see to stitch and I have all my faculties to be able to interpret the patterns, I will be "Stitching for Jaxon". So once again, if you are interested in helping me, I would love your help and I thank you in advance for anything that you can do to help.

Take care and until the next time, luv ya dearly