Friday, December 30, 2011

Diana's Tooth Fairy Pillow

Shortly before Christmas, I received a wonderful surprise, in the mail that day was a small parcel containing a cute little Tooth Fairy Pillow. Diana from Ohio stitched it up for us. The little pillow even has a pocket in the back to hold the tooth until the tooth fairy comes along. Thank you so much Diana, it is so sweet.

Hugs Louise

Andrea's Flowers

Hi everyone, I have been remiss in posting a few articles. Andrea (friend of my niece) did two cross-stitch pieces years ago and never quite knew what to do with them. She donated them to us so that we could use them to raise some more money for the charity. It is a beautiful basket of flowers with a straw hat - I am not sure of the designer but it looks like a Paula Vaughn design. Silly me forgot to get a picture of the smaller design Andrea stitched. It was a bowl of flowers, very pretty, I had it professionally framed and a friend bought it as a Christmas present for her mother-in-law. Thank you Andrea, they are beautiful pieces.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marg's Wreaths

Hello everyone, look at these beautiful wreaths that Marg made for us. They are simply stunning... they are so nice that I had to buy some!! Marg, you outdid yourself and you will simply have to make more for us for next year!! Thank you ever so much. Hugs and kisses from all of us.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Gift from Bob

Carole taught a friend of hers to cross-stitch and look what Bob stitched for us. His very first cross-stitch, it is beautifully done. And Bob, it is already sold!! A big hug and thank you from us.

Some goodies from Carole

As promised, here are some goodies from Carole. A cute little Santa Pirate from Sue Hillis, Jingle All the Way and Is It Too Late to be Good.

Some small finished ornaments

Here are a couple of the small ornaments that I have stitched and finally finished. They were all done on aida cloth. The purple one actually has little beads that were leftover from a Mill Hill bead kit. The orange/green one is done using an overdyed thread that I stitched on a diagonal which really changed the effect.

I love the pink celtic knot, it also used an overdyed thread from a company which is now out of business. It is so pretty, as I was stitching it, it kept reminding me of the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer. Lots of hugs to them.


Joy Towel

Hi everyone, long time that I didn't post and for that I apologize. I have been back to work to help out a former colleague and I didn't realize how tiring that was!! But I do have some wonderful news to report.

Di sent me a lovely package and it contained the "Joy" towel that she had been working on at the Ohio retreat. It is beautiful and when I took it to work to show some ladies, the first person who saw it... bought it!! Whoohoo - both of her towels have now sold.

Hugs to all and a very big thank you to Di.