Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Toy Shop is finished

Hello wonderful friends, first another happy dance for me.... I finished my Toy Shop late last night and I am so pleased. It is another Mill Hill beaded kit and it is part of my Christmas village as well as being part of my 31 day challenge from last year. So whoohoo, another one to cross off of my list ... but if you are like me, you've added a couple more to the list. lol So what am I now going to work on, welllll.... I promised my girlfriend Barb that I would stitch a teapot for her as her birthday present (I am so cheap). I am using Bejewelled (Crescent Colours, I think) on a lovely overdyed evenweave entitled Mint - we picked these up last year when we were in Branson Missouri for the Cecilia's Samplers retreat. I enjoyed myself so much last year we are going again this year! Can't wait. I have to apologize for not having a picture of the Toy Shop for you but you are not going to believe this, I couldn't find my battery charger for my camera. I looked upstairs, downstairs and even in the kitchen!! I have been looking for it for a couple of weeks and the worst part was that I was absolutely positive that I had put it back in my craft room on top of the computer - and it wasn't there. Now I know that I have a messy house but I do have certain spots that I always keep certain items - camera and batter charger are two of them. So yesterday while at my computer, I turn around and see a black spot on the floor underneath my sewing chest - yup you guessed it - it was the charger! a big sigh of relief because I really didn't want to buy another one. So when I get a chance I will take lots of pictures of the finished challenges as well as the goodies I received in Sturbridge Massachusetts. So wonderful people, until the next time, remember you are loved. Hugs Louise

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's still cold here

This morning I opened the door to head out for lunch with my Dad and just about froze! The wind was chilly and I changed my mind very quickly about the coat that I was going to wear - I grabbed the ski jacket instead of the spring jacket that I was hoping to wear. Today is cold and windy but very sunny. I am still having problems accessing my blog but please bear with me. And to lovely lady in France who commented about spring over there (see last post), welcome and please send us some spring weather here. In my last post, I talked about the wonderful time that I had in Sturbridge at the Stitchers Hideaway retreat. Sue works very hard to put it all together for us, getting door prizes from a lot of designers and shops. We had a new store there this time because Chris's Collections closed - a good thing for her, she wanted to spend more time with her family but sad for us. You should see all the goodies that I got on sale. My good friend Roberta was very nice and picked up the big bag of goodies and kept it for me. It was like opening presents at Christmas... because to be honest, I had forgotten exactly what I had bought. I knew that I had cleaned her out of the Petite Treasure braid by Rainbow Gallery as well as buying a lot of Wisper. I knew that I had bought some Mill Hill beaded kits but didn't remember all of them. I will have to take a picture of the goodies to show you. I haven't done a lot of stitching this week, to be honest, I have done a lot of nothing! absolutely nothing! I read the latest novel by Robyn Carr, started a new book by author Laura Griffin. I enjoyed the last one I read by her so I thought I would try another to see if I really like her. I will let you know. So folks, until the next time, luv ya dearly, big hugs from me to you. Louise

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Okay, its official - is winter over yet?

I don't normally complain about the seasons - I like winter because its cold and vice versa, I love summer because of the heat (and yes, I have air conditioning in my house!). But this year, I am tired of the snow, the cold and I can't wait for spring!! In fact, yesterday afternoon, I opened the bathroom window for a couple of hours to let in some fresh air (and yes, the furnace did come on once or twice) but it was worth it - fresh air, absolutely lovely. Okay, I am going to complain a little bit here, so bear with me. I have had to change the way I access the internet and with the new system, I couldn't log into my blog! ACK!! So there I was, getting extremely frustrated because I couldn't log in and I had some wonderful things to tell you. Now do you think I can remember what I wanted to tell you.... okay, its official... I am also getting old.... let me amend that... getting older and like wine - I just keep getting better! That's my story!! LOL I have bookmarked this site on my new system, so hopefully I will be able to access it a little better but if you don't hear from me, please hang in there, I will keep trying. I am now off to do some serious stitching on my Toy Shop which is very close to being finished, will take a picture so that you can ooh and aah over it. Until the next time, remember that you are loved. Louise

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back from Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Hi there, did ya miss me? I do apologize, it took me forever to get back into things after being sick in January and February. As the title states, I am back from Sturbridge. I attended the Stitchers Hideaway alumni retreat in Sturbridge. What a fantastic time I had - I received the door prize for coming the furthest distance - it is a big frog with googly eyes and its mouth is wide open! It reminded me of having to kiss the cod in Newfoundland (a tradition to get "screeched in" so that you can become an honourary Newfoundlander), so I promptly gave the frog a kiss hoping that it would appease the "Goddess of stitching boo-boos" - guess what - it worked!! I have to admit though, at times I was a little worried.... I was the sole Canadian sitting in a room of American women when the Olympic womens hockey game was on... Canada vs USA.... oh dear... but you know what - we had a lot of fun with the Olympics, we cheered on our teams, commiserated with each other, teased each other and of course, I had to say "let the best team win.... and may that team be Canada, eh". During all this frivolity, I did manage to get some stitching done and my Toy Shop is almost finished, well not quite.... these little Mill Hill beaded kits are very deceiving. They are full of beads (regular size and petite) and this one has a ton - okay, a lot of different beads, if I remember correctly 9 different ones and they are everywhere!! So as soon as I am finished it, I will be posting a picture for you to ooh and aah over. Then I will get back to my January challenge. Hmmm, I had to change my rules this year since I didn't start one every day. My challenge is to do the original 31 ornaments but the difference this year is I will finish stitching each one before starting a new one. So hopefully I will have lots of pictures to show you soon... Until the next time, remember that you are loved. Big hugs from me to you. Louise

Friday, January 24, 2014

Having computer problems & photos

Sorry folks, I have been having problems logging into blogger, don't know why, will have to check into it some more. (big sigh). I know that I owe you some photos of last years completes so here are a couple of them. This is the Santa biscournu that I did for my friend Janice, it was one of her Christmas presents.  On the bottom side I attached some buttons - Christmas tree, snowman, poinsettia and of course a Canadian flag - yes, I am showing off my pride in my country.  Hmmm, now I have to find the other photos, I really hate it when I can't find something on the system.  Am I the only one like this?  Found the one that I wanted, it is a picture of the biscournu before I stitched it together.  As you can see, Janice has already put it to good use, see the needle sticking out - she was absolutely thrilled to receive this.  Well folks, time to find the other pictures and maybe do some more stitching this afternoon.  Take care, love ya, big hugs. Louise

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm still here

Hi there, did ya think that I fell off the face of the earth? Since the last post, I have had a major head cold (I think its going around - tis cold and flu season). And I have barely stitched at all - I mean days without stitching!! Gasp, gasp.... in fact, I must be very honest with you - gulp, my daily challenge isn't up to date! I know, I know, you are all thinking that Louise has to be really sick to not be stitching! Part of the problem was a major issue I was/am having with my cable company (I won't get into it) which was/is extremely frustrating and depressing. I have run through the gamut of emotions from anger to resigned futility and thats pretty bad. So even though I haven't stitched, I still pulled a design every day. This means, my challenge is going to proceed a little differently this year. I will pick a pattern every day (so far, I am up to date) and I will complete them on an on-going basis. Does that make sense.... Okay, I am off to complete the UFO's from 2014, pull todays design, make me a lovely cup of tea and get stitching! Yea.... all I can say now is "I'm Back!!" Hugs to all of you, Louise

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Jan 2014 Challenge - Day 2

Hello again, right now if you have read the previous posts, you are probably thinking that I am absolutely nuts!! and you might be right. (lol) But you have to remember something - all the ornaments I make, I then sell at a craft fair to raise money (and awareness) of this rare disease - so I have to start early and early in the year is January 1st!! So yesterday I started "Santa & the Children Silhouettes" by Homespun Elegance Ltd and today I started "Oh-ho-ho-ho" by Babi's Treasures. I spotted these little gems about two years ago on the designers blog. They are done in one colour and then made up to look like Christmas crackers. Cool, eh. I can't wait to finish one to show you what they look like. I liked all 12 designs in the Christmas Collection, so fair warning to you, all 12 are in this years challenge. Okay, so you are thinking that this sounds like something that you might like to do BUT not to the extent that I am doing it - fair enough. My challenge to you.... pick one new project or pick a UFO that you have wanted to start/finish for a LONG time but there was other projects ahead of it. Start this project this month and I challenge you to finish it within the year. Have fun, tell your friends, let me know how you are doing. Leave me a note and join in the craziness of my challenge. I will open a new page (if I remember how) for the 2014 challenge. I would be happy to have you join me on my adventure. Hugs and kisses, Louise