Friday, January 2, 2015

To 2015 - hopefully a better year

Hi everyone, here we are in 2015, did you do anything exciting to help bring in the new year? I really had good intentions of posting more often in December but life as usual gets in the way.  For a good portion of November and December, I was busy taking Dad to his doctors appointments, taking him for bloodwork, etc and to make a long story short, he was finally admitted to the hospital on Dec 22.  He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF).  He was having trouble with his legs, he kept retaining fluid to the point where he was about 16-18 pounds over his normal body weight.  The doctors kept increasing his diuretic but he still kept gaining weight.  For those of you with elderly parents, please, please, please get involved with them when they go to see their doctors.  I never knew that my father also suffered from chronic kidney failure, if I had known that I would have done things a bit differently. The day he was admitted to the hospital, they did an ultrasound of his legs and found a blood clot, how long had this been there, we're not sure but the point I want to make to all of you is to get involved.  I was astonished at the answers that my Dad gave to the emergency room doctor, the admitting doctor and the cardiologist!  He kept saying No, I don't think so and I kept answering the questions with the necessary information that the doctors all this time that he went into the doctors office by himself, how many times did he say No when he really should have said Yes, maybe he would have been admitted to the hospital earlier.  We will never know but please, please, please for your new years resolution please get involved, you never know, I thought my Dad was still sharp but I should have realized when he started complaining that the easy crosswords were getting too difficult for him.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I do plan on being better at posting in 2015 than I was in 2014.  And to end off on some good news, the total raised for the FOP for 2014 was $1000.  Yahoo.  Hugs and kisses, Louise

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Weeks to Christmas

Oh my goodness, 2 weeks until Christmas....where has time my last post I was telling you about the purging and cleaning that I was doing to get ready for my company.  Well, they have been and now they are gone.  Looking back I have to laugh, I was so looking forward to Roberta coming to visit and now she is back home already. We had a wonderful time, laughing and giggling like a couple of school girls, I'm sure that my neighbours must have been wondering what was going on at my place.  We went out for breakfast or lunch, I took her to all the classy joints (lol)....the dollar store (she wanted to buy some containers that I have my Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid stored in) and also to a local store here, can't tell you what she bought (it's a Christmas present) and then we had a lovely time at a Christmas market in a town close by.  It was lovely wandering around all the tables looking at everything, the leather belts, the wooden cribbage boards (they were gorgeous!!), the spiced nuts, the crocheted/knitted items and of course, the wonderful baked goods!  All I will say on  that subject is that there was a serious case of sugar overload in my house that night as Roberta and I sampled all the goodies. And of course some more laughter, it seems when Roberta and I get together, the laughter just flows. My friend Barb joined us on Friday for some stitching and more laughter, all of us had tears running down our faces, oh if the walls could talk (thank goodness they can't!).  So she is back home with her family and friends, hopefully I will see her at the next stitching retreat, I say hopefully because of my Dad.  Some days it appears as if a good strong wind will blow him away and yet other days he acts as if he is 10-15 years younger.  This holiday season enjoy your family and friends, and remember that you are loved.  Hugs Louise

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Life is back to normal

I normally live a quiet life, stitching, reading and going to cross-stitch retreats.  Lately I have been busy doing some major cleaning and purging of some stuff (okay, call it junk) trying to get my house cleaned up.  And of course getting things ready for the craft fair.  In the midst of all this, I received a call from my brother asking if I would like some company for a few days...I was kinda of hesitant because my friend Roberta is coming to visit but then he told me it would only be for a few days.  So I had some lovely company, my Dad got to see them and my brother and his wife got to visit the grandchildren a lot.  We all had a lovely time and now they are back home and my life is quiet once more.....well relatively....I'm still trying to purge and organize.  My neighbour who is quite handy built me some shelves that fit the plastic boxes that I have all my material in, so now my aida cloth is in one bin with another for the overdyed aida as well as a couple of other boxes for my evenweaves.  They look awesome, he did a lovely job and now I  have easy access to my fabrics.  Now I need another shelving unit for the smaller boxes, lol.  But I can wait for that one.  That's it for today. Hugs Louise.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Very Successful Craft Fair

Hello, how are you today.  I am simply chuffed (as my British sister-in-law) would say, in other words...I am very, very happy.  We had a successful day at the craft fair, we raised .... drum roll please.... $800!!!! Wow,  I was hoping that maybe, if we were lucky, we would get $500 but we surpassed that.  When I say we, I mean Manon and myself, Manon is a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure of working with for many years and I am very fortunate that she wanted to keep in touch with me after I retired.  It was Manon who suggested that I get a table at the craft fair (at work) and we could raise some money for the FOP as well as raise awareness of this rare disease.  She loves to do some crafts and she made the cutest little bath mitts (shaped like a kitten, a whale and a snowman) this year and they were so successful that she took orders for several more.  I cannot thank her enough for her help and her support in helping me with these craft fairs.  To all the people who bought some goodies, thank you for supporting us.  Big hugs, Louise

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1st - where has the time gone

I am definitely overdue in posting, my sister called me to ask if I was still alive....hmmmm, yup!  So what have I been doing over the past couple of months, to be honest - not a heck of a lot.  I visited my friends Roberta and Peggy in Massachusetts in August - the aim was to get a lot of quilting done.  Welllll, hmmmm, I took lots of fabric down there with me.... and of course I did bring my stitching with me and did I get a lot done? - that would be an emphatic no. (Big sigh)  However, I did enjoy the week spent visiting, we laughed and chuckled and laughed some more, I wish I lived closer than the 8 hour drive but hey that's life.  So what else has happened, I have been busy with my Dad - some days more than others.  I realize how fortunate I am to still have him here.  He will be celebrating his 90th birthday in January but there was times this past year when I wondered if he would even make it to his 90th birthday.  He has been so frail this past year and has started to develop some health problems and after much nagging (I do admit it, I was nagging him) he has finally started to use a cane or his walker when he goes out.  And that only started 2 months ago (I won't tell you how long I was after him to use a cane).  That said, I make sure that I talk to him every day just to make sure that he is doing okay.  I have to laugh because some of the conversations are very short (less than a minute), while others we talk and laugh for at least 5 minutes!! I am enjoying the time that I have with him because I know that he won't be around forever.  So if I might be so bold and suggest something to you, tell your loved ones that you love them because we never know how long we will live or how short our life may be.  On that note, love you dearly, take care of yourselves. Big hugs, Louise

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Some pictures of the goodies from Barbara - Part 1

As promised, here are some pictures of the wonderful goodies that I received from Barbara.  I know when you see them, you will realize how generous this lady was to the cause.  I can only hope to do justice to her stitched pieces to get them ready for sale.  I also made myself a promise that I would name the designer of the stitched pieces as well as the makers of the fabric and floss.  I apologize to the various designers and manufacturers because I truly do not know who you are but I do thank you for allowing us to stitch your beautiful designs.  Now that I have said that, I think the Santas are Prairie School designs, if you know the other designers, please, please, please leave me a comment and let us know who they are.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Remember that you are loved.  Louise

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A wonderful surprise

Hi there, I know, I know, it's been a long time between posts.... I must apologize again but there really has not been a lot to write about.  My brother Robert and his girlfriend came down on Sunday for brunch and of course most important to visit my Dad. Had a lovely brunch at a local restaurant as we do every Sunday.  So what surprise did I get - to be very honest, I am blown away by this persons generosity!!  My friend Aury (designer AuryTM) had moved to Texas last year and she had joined a local stitching group. She was telling these ladies about me and my Stitching for Jaxon project and one lovely lady Barbara said she had a FEW things she could donate to the cause.  Well, I don't know about you but to me a few means one or two, okay maybe 10 (if we were talking about buttons and small things like that) but holy cow, I sure as heck wouldn't think it meant over 40!  When I was in Nashua, Aury sent me a picture of what was going to be in the box when she mailed it and there was 48 stitched pieces.  Well, that was in May, I received this box last Wednesday, and it was STUFFED and I do mean stuffed!  There has to be close to 100 pieces, some are small (bookmark size) and some are large as is 18x20...and yes, I will be posting some pictures soon. A huge, huge, huge, gigantic hug goes to Barbara.  Words cannot express my thanks.  Louise