Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two Weeks to Christmas

Oh my goodness, 2 weeks until Christmas....where has time my last post I was telling you about the purging and cleaning that I was doing to get ready for my company.  Well, they have been and now they are gone.  Looking back I have to laugh, I was so looking forward to Roberta coming to visit and now she is back home already. We had a wonderful time, laughing and giggling like a couple of school girls, I'm sure that my neighbours must have been wondering what was going on at my place.  We went out for breakfast or lunch, I took her to all the classy joints (lol)....the dollar store (she wanted to buy some containers that I have my Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid stored in) and also to a local store here, can't tell you what she bought (it's a Christmas present) and then we had a lovely time at a Christmas market in a town close by.  It was lovely wandering around all the tables looking at everything, the leather belts, the wooden cribbage boards (they were gorgeous!!), the spiced nuts, the crocheted/knitted items and of course, the wonderful baked goods!  All I will say on  that subject is that there was a serious case of sugar overload in my house that night as Roberta and I sampled all the goodies. And of course some more laughter, it seems when Roberta and I get together, the laughter just flows. My friend Barb joined us on Friday for some stitching and more laughter, all of us had tears running down our faces, oh if the walls could talk (thank goodness they can't!).  So she is back home with her family and friends, hopefully I will see her at the next stitching retreat, I say hopefully because of my Dad.  Some days it appears as if a good strong wind will blow him away and yet other days he acts as if he is 10-15 years younger.  This holiday season enjoy your family and friends, and remember that you are loved.  Hugs Louise

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