Friday, May 25, 2012

Did something nice

Hello everyone, yesterday I had a follow up visit with my surgeon and I decided to do something nice for them.  I made sure I left my house a little bit early and I stopped at the local Tim Hortons and bought coffees for the doctor, her nurse and the 2 office staff.  They were so surprised, apparently nobody has ever done that before.  It wasn't much but it sure made everyone's day!

When I was leaving the office, I met a lady in the elevator who was wearing a very pretty summery dress and I complimented her on it.  She was kind of surprised but said thank you, so I explained that we don't get enough compliments and I thought that it was about time that we did.  So when I see someone who deserves a compliment I now speak up. 

Just thought I would share that with you. 

Take care and keep on stitching.

Hugs to all


  1. Shoot, I've always been like that, lol. I talk to strangers on the street, and say hello and how are you. I find things to compliment (especially if they're wearing anything Bengals, lol), and I chat with people in line with me. At the grocery store, the DMV, the pharmacy, wherever. I think we need to care more about other people. If we all only worry about ourselves, the world is gonna go to hell in a handbasket. Sorry, didn't mean to get on my soapbox.

    1. Julie, like you, I have always talked to people in various lines and in stores. I think we need to take time to talk to others and to do something nice for someone for absolutely no reason at all. Take care.

  2. How very was my birthday cheeseball complete with candle!!! So good to stitch with tout la gang again nice to see the tabletopper... till next time