Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not much going on

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, not much happening here.  Still doing purging... yes that is how much stuff I have and no I am not a hoarder! ... okay, only for some stuff.... you know, the purple corduroy pants you think you will get back into.... (I am keeping those!!)  but I have reached a point where a lot of the stuff is going out the door.  I had a charity pick up last week and there is another one coming tomorrow.  Last week I put 5 boxes out and there will be at least that many this week.  Feels good to get rid of the stuff I was hanging on.... why I kept them - who knows.
So as a result of all this purging, the stitching is not very far along, my Love tree is about half done and it seems it is taking forever but actually I have basically done 2 threads a day for the past week which is very slow for me.  Usually when I am stitching I do a couple of hours not a couple of threads!  But I do have a funny story to tell you.  Last week my friend Barb and I went to the Bulk Barn (a store where you can buy food items in bulk quantity).  She was picking up a variety of spices and I was meandering through the store, I didn't really need anything.  I looked at some of the bulk candy and was looking at the fat content - some were as high as 90% and there was one that was 102%!! Yikes, that is high.  So I only bought a few M&Ms peanut candies (I enjoyed them thoroughly), normally I would have bought several pounds!! But since the operation (hysterectomy) I have been trying to eat healthier (I don't always succeed).  As I continue through the store I saw the "black balls", they are little round balls and they are black, hence the name - black balls - that's what I have always called them.  I go to the cash to pay for my purchases and the cashier asked me if these were "anise" candy... hummm, I explained that I always called them black balls and when I was a kid I would go to the local store when my sister worked in the penny candy section and I would ask her for 25 cents worth of black balls.  And my sister would shoot me daggers as she counted out 75 black balls!!  They were 3 for a penny back then (the early 60's).  Tee hee, I still giggle when I think of her having to count out 75 black balls for me.  So folks, have a great day and I will try to think of something exciting to write about tomorrow .. or the next day.  lol  Love you lots and thanks for reading my blog. Louise

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