Sunday, May 11, 2014

Some wonderful new designers that I met in Nashua

Hello everyone, may I start out by saying Happy Mothers Day to all of the wonderful Moms out there.  Well as I mentioned in the previous post, I met some wonderful designers at the show.  Now some of them you might have heard of already, like Karen Kluba of Rosewood Manor or Jeannette Douglas of Jeannette Douglas Designs but I had never heard of Julie Norton of J.Designs.  What a lovely lady, she has gone through a lot in the past year but her smiling face was right there to greet you.  She taught a couple of courses on Hardanger... oh my, they were lovely pieces.  Before I go any further, I have to tell you that it was a difficult decision trying to decide what courses I wanted to take because some of them were a bit pricey (for me).  I really would have liked to take her hardanger courses, her designs were very pretty... but I did manage to spend a few pennies in her booth.  I will have to take pictures of all the different patterns/kits I bought from everyone and then you can all drool.... lol.... I also met Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Works  (I had never heard of her or her company before), what a delightful lady with some beautiful designs and yes, you guessed it - I spent some money there as well.  Then during a round robin, (4 designers came in with kits for us), I met Maureen Sorenson of The Heart's Content - she does beautiful work on 40 count over one!!  hmmm, while I can admire the beauty of it, over one on 40 count fabric is not really for me. I also met Jackie du Plessis of It's Fine-ally Finished, she was so embarrassed because she had forgotten the fabric for our kit so she had to run out and buy some envelopes so that she could mail us the fabric.  I can certainly understand why she forgot, she was a very busy lady at this show.  Tracy Horner from Ink Circles was also part of the Round Robin and I must apologize to the other designer because I can't remember who it was.... I must be getting old (ha ha).  Well wonderful friends, I am going to sign off, go take some pictures (it is a gorgeous day here in Ottawa) and find out who that other designer was - it will bug me until I figure it out.  Until the next time, Hugs, big hugs from Louise

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