Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stitching for Jaxon - how it started

Hi everyone, my name is Louise and my great-nephew has a rare disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP). Jaxon was diagnosed with FOP five days after his second birthday. He is a cute little guy with a great sense of humour and his belly laugh makes me smile.

I did some research on FOP and found out what a debilating disease it could and can be and I wondered how I could help. I had been mulling over in my mind how I could raise money to help the organizations. And then it hit me - I am a stitcher!! And I know a lot of stitchers and I am sure that they would be willing to help me. Cross-stitching is my passion and I have been stitching for many years.

I started by speaking with some wonderful people in Florida from the IFOPA (http://www.ifopa.org/), from there I spoke with a lovely lady here in Ontario at the Canadian site CFOPN (http://www.cfopn.org/). I explained what I was thinking of and did they have any comments and what would I need from their organizations in order to help them. In the meantime, I had contacted a few designers and asked for their permission to stitch some of their designs for charity. From all the sources that I contacted, people were saying "go for it". Thus "Stitching for Jaxon" was born.

Since this is the first year I am not sure how many items I will have for sale. Eventually I would like to have a table at one of the Christmas fairs here in Ottawa, and it will become a yearly event. I am in this for the long run and I definitely can use all the help I can get. Hopefully together we can raise some money for this rare disease.

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