Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mill Hill Poinsettia is finished

Hi, did you enjoy the pictures of the Precious Moments Chapel?  I enjoyed it very much as you can tell. 

So have you been wondering what on earth have I been working on?   As the title states, the Mill Hill beaded kit entitled Poinsettia is finished - not only did I finish the stitching but  it is completely finished!!  What's the difference.... check out the picture.  I used it as the stitched piece that fits into the lid of the Sudberry House box.  Doesn't it look gorgeous?  One of the ladies in Branson mentioned that these kits are gorgeous and are very lovely when finished but they are a tad deceiving!  I agree, it doesn't look like a lot of stitches but this little project contains 4900 stitches including 6 different type of beads.  The beads all sparkle in the sunlight and for once, the colours are right on!
So wonderful people thanks for reading my blog and remember that you are loved.  Louise


  1. Lovely work Louise, well done!

  2. How wonderful to have a project completely done! Nice to see the box used.....can't wait to go back and get more of Sudberry house things later this summer. I really like this design, and the colours are perfect. As always, your stitching is beautiful......oh...another loonie for the "jaxon jar"... It is filling up!