Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Precious Moments Chapel - Part 2 (picture heavy)

Hello again, here are some pictures of this incredible Chapel. A brief synopsis for you, in Part 1, we have the entrance, some of the grounds and statues and the entrance to the Chapel itself.  In Part 2, I have chosen pictures of the murals and stained glass that greet you as you enter into the Chapel.  In Part 3 I will show you some photos of the other rooms and the hallways. Enjoy these pictures, and once again a huge thank you to the man who created it all - Mr. Samuel Butcher.

The mural at the front of the Chapel

Stained glass in door leading to hallway

Stained glass in door leading to hallway

Mural on wall

Mural on back wall
Murals on back wall including ceiling

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