Sunday, April 28, 2013

Precious Moments Chapel - Part 1 (picture heavy)

Hi everyone, here is the first post on the beautiful Precious Moments Chapel created by Samuel Butcher. It is located in Carthage Missouri and if you happen to be anywhere close by - it is definitely worth you making the trip!! These are my thoughts and pictures of this gorgeous chapel and its grounds.  I took over 150 pictures but I will only be showing the best of them as well as my favourites.  The grounds were well-kept and there was plenty of parking so don't be shy.... go see it!   This lovely Chapel and its grounds are definitely awe-inspiring; the works of art done by Sam Butcher left me breathless and without words to describe them. I wish him many more years of creativity. A big Thank you to this man who has left a legacy for us to enjoy and hopefully our children will enjoy.
As always thank you for taking the time from your busy day to read this blog. Louise

The Entrance

Remember the Children

Sculptures in the garden


This is his legacy to us

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