Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cecilia's Samplers Retreat

Hello my dear friends, what do I tell you?  We have had a most fantastic time here in Branson at the retreat.  The wonderful ladies at Cecilia's Samplers were very organized and generous with their goodies!  This year when we arrived, we had a little package at our places with a little pad of paper and a cute little pen with feathered hair (we all needed this for our list of goodies) AND a gift certificate for $100 AND if you wore your name tag at the store you received an additional 10% off!!  Hello.... we did some serious damage in the store.  We were teased by other ladies at the retreat because we bought a lot of fabric especially the over-dyed!  Sorry ladies, but for us Canadians,  the value of the fabric was just too good to pass up.  On  the second day, we received a T-shirt for the Girls Night Out retreat weekend; on Saturday, we received a new pair of scissors with a tape measure and a votive candle holder with a home-made candle - the candles were all done by Amy's 2 boys!!  Saturday night, they did the draw for the $250 gift certificate (I didn't win it and neither did Barb) and then they had the door prizes.  Everyone received a Cecilia's Samplers bag (in black with hot pink accents) with some goodies inside.  Some of the bags contained $50 gift certificates while others contained $25 gift certificates for next years retreat.  I won a $25 certificate!!  Whoohoo - guess who signed up to come back again next year - yup, you're right - it's me... I had so much fun that I am definitely coming back again next year.  I think that Barb will also be coming back!!

Normally we would all meet on Sunday morning to say good-bye and get the final goody but many ladies wanted to leave early on Sunday morning so we got our goodies early! We all received a cute little ceramic pot with a lid to start saving our money for the next retreat.  It contained 3 sampler threads as well as a penny to start off the savings.... hmmm... a penny a day would pay for next years retreat!!   

THANK YOU to all of the staff at Cecilia's Samplers - Margaret, Jessica, Amy, Pam, Cecilia, Krista and Ann and their families for making this a wonderful weekend.

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