Friday, October 18, 2013

My sister is in town

Hi there, as the title says - my sister is in town visiting my Dad. His cousin was in town and the two of them went out for lunch which left my sister and I free to do whatever. It just happens to be the weekend of the quilt shop hop (all 2 of them). I picked her up about 9:30 and then proceeded to get stuck in traffic (even though I took some roundabout ways to avoid traffic) for the better part of 30 minutes - yuck! so glad I am now retired and I don't have to fight traffic every day. We decided to start at the shop the furthest away (70 minutes from my house) and work our way back home. The shop is very nice and the people were so friendly - I was admiring one design and the lady I was talking to said "That's my design!" Whew, good thing I didn't say something horrible! So I bought the pattern and even got her to autograph it for me! (I'm not shy. lol) (PS, I was going to buy the pattern anyway because it is so pretty.) After shopping we stopped for lunch at the creperie restaurant which is literally right next door. The lunch was excellent but they were busy and it took 45 minutes to get our meal - everything was made from scratch and it was so tasty. It was now 2 o'clock and we still had an hours drive home - so we took a different route and along the way my sister spots another quilt store.... yup you guessed it - we pulled a u-turn and went shopping. Now this store had lots of beautiful, colourful fabrics ranging in price from $18 to $22 for a meter (39 inches) of fabric. Whew, that tends to be a bit pricy especially after seeing the prices down in Massachusetts in August! After shopping there - I bought some fabric and another pattern, we continued on our way home visiting another fabric store along the way - but nothing there jumped out and said Buy Me - so that was a really quick and cheap stop. lol All in all, we had a lovely day travelling around the Ottawa area and tomorrow (Saturday) we have to go shopping at the other quilt store - thank goodness, it is only 5 minutes from home. Needless to say I didn't get any stitching done today but I can probably get a few stitches done tonight. So my dear friends, take care and hopefully you can find some "Me" time to enjoy yourself even if it is just sitting and relaxing. Hugs to you all, Louise

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