Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Snow Mom is finished

Hi there - guess what ... I finished Snow Mom.  She is so pretty, the main colour used for her coat is called Lavender Louise (Crescent Colours).  Have you been wondering what I have been doing since the last post?   Well... stitching of course - my friend Barb came over on Saturday and we had a lovely turkey breast with stuffing and veggies to celebrate Thanksgiving (Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in October while the United States celebrates Thanksgiving in November).  And of course we did some stitching!  A day without stitching is almost unheard of in my house. lol  Then on Tuesday, I went to Janice's house and stitched some more - I worked on my Mill Hill Believe kit (still part of my 31 day challenge).  I was amazed at how much I managed to get done.  I am still working on getting the things ready for the craft fair and I have learnt (much to my chagrin) that it is not easy putting stitched pieces in frames and having all the lines straight (I am super particular about this)!!  I  must apologize to the wonderful lady who does all my framing for me.  I now know how she feels when I say the line is not quite straight. So I have spent quite a few hours trying to get the cute little pieces in my 4x4 inch boxes. Big sigh....
I have also been reading Edgar's blog about his trip to France - all I can say is Wow.  He really puts a lot of work into his posts - if you have never read his blog - you really should check it out (see the list on the side - Blacksheep's bit of the Web).
Well folks, that's it for now, hugs to all and remember that you are loved. Louise

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