Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Memories - Part 2

Hello dear friends, how are your days shaping up, everything ready for the big day? I had a lovely e-mail from my sister Alice telling me how much she enjoys my blog and the warm way of writing that I have - what a lovely compliment - thank you. She also shared a little story with me that I certainly didn't know about. Let me share with you some more memories, my mother always wanted a new nightgown for Christmas and her Chanel No 5 powder! Whenever Mom got the new items, she would then burrow into her drawer and pull out last years presents so that they could now be used and then she would put the new ones into the drawer for next year. My sister wrote "one of my memories (besides all the cookies, lol) is Dad giving me his credit card so that I could go buy some things for Mom. Of course, it had to include a new nightgown (just in case) so that she could now dig out the one from last Christmas. And the funny thing was that I would check with Mom first to see what she really wanted. I am not sure if Dad knew that I did that, it was supposed to be Mom & my little secret. And of course, Mom wasn't supposed to know that it was really me who shopped, not Dad." In the 60s and early 70s, we lived in Montreal and my parents listened to CJAD a radio station. Paul Reid, one of the announcers on this station would have an evening dedicated to his memories of his parents and growing up in a large family. Our entire family would sit and listen to his stories and the music, the beautiful songs and carols that his parents loved. The best part of that special, for me, was when he read "The Littlest Angel". Oh, he made that story come alive for me, a deep booming voice for God, a childs voice for the littlest angel. You could see this new angel running down the streets of heaven, getting dirty and his halo all askew (he must have tried the patience of the saints). It is a beautiful story and if you ever have the chance to listen to it, just sit back and enjoy. More memories soon. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Love Louise

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