Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some packages have arrived

Good morning, how are you today? If the weather were sunny instead of the gunmetal gray, life would be even better!! Yesterday I received an e-mail from Cindy and today an e-mail from Ingrid stating they had received their goodie packages. Both are pleased and that makes me very happy.  I sent Ingrid the floss, I love these colours and use them a lot in my stitching, and I included a few patterns from my stash and voila, instant gift.  Cindy loved my little humbug so of course it was hers from the very start. I also included a little piece of lavender fabric for her.  What she will stitch on that fabric will remain a mystery but I do hope she tells me because I have another piece of that fabric and I haven't used it yet!  Cindy was kind enough to tell me that Debby (the winner of the blog anniversary) is away visiting family so I can't post a picture of the goodies that I sent her.  So folks, you will just have to wait for that one.  On that note, have a wonderful day, I hope that you have some "me" time today.  I am going downstairs now to do some serious stitching on a Christmas present for a dear friend.  Hugs, Louise 

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  1. Thank you so much Louise for your fabulous packet!!! xxxxx