Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is almost over

Hello there, how are you doing? Another year is almost done and as always, I wonder where the time has gone. So folks for those of you who participated in my 2013 January Challenge - how did you do? Did you finish all your projects? Fantastic!! Oh dear, you only managed to complete half.... that is still fantastic!! Good job, well done. Even if you only managed to complete ONE project, that is wonderful - you get to cross that one off your list. Are you wondering how I did... well, to be honest - I didn't finish all of my 52 projects but I certainly put one heck of a dent in it!! I completed quite a few and I will have a better number for you tomorrow. So what's next you say... well the 2014 challenge!! Okay I heard a few groans especially from my friend Janice, she has already threatened to kick my butt if I started another challenge. (tee hee, I can't resist) My challenge for 2014 is to finish all the projects that I started this year as well as starting an ornament every day in January. Just think of all the ornaments that I will have ready for the craft fair next year. And speaking of next year, I wish you a wonderful 2014 filled with love and good health. All the best and until next year.... hugs Louise

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