Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 2014 Challenge

Hello and welcome to 2014! I remember when I was little and thought that 2000 was far, far away and look, here we are 14 years later in 2014. It's true, the older we get, the faster time passes!! So its another year and this means a new challenge. This time I am going to be more realistic - I am only going to start one new project a day for the month of January and they will only be ornaments! Hmmm, I just have one small problem.... I put the names of all the projects on little pieces of paper so that I can draw a different one each day and when I counted all the itty, bitty, little pieces of paper.... I have 38!!! oops, all I can say is thank goodness my box wasn't full. There are some patterns that I stitched in 2013 in the box so as a compromise I will only start an ornament if I didn't stitch it last year. Does that make sense? Sounds good to me... and of course I still have to finish the projects from the 2013 challenge. Here is a quick update to the 2013 challenge - I actually completed 36 of the 52 starts!! But I have to confess I did complete a few other items - I did 2 model stitches for AuryTM, I also completed 10 other ornaments so I think I did pretty darn good for the year!! This leaves me with 14 UFO's to complete from 2013 and oops, I also started 4 other projects which weren't on my list, so the total UFO's for the year are 18. oh dear, dear, dear, dear.... I think that I am going to be pretty busy stitching this year! (lol) On that happy note, take care and tomorrow I will tell you which ornament I started today as well as the Jan 2 ornament. Hugs to you all. Louise

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