Friday, January 24, 2014

Having computer problems & photos

Sorry folks, I have been having problems logging into blogger, don't know why, will have to check into it some more. (big sigh). I know that I owe you some photos of last years completes so here are a couple of them. This is the Santa biscournu that I did for my friend Janice, it was one of her Christmas presents.  On the bottom side I attached some buttons - Christmas tree, snowman, poinsettia and of course a Canadian flag - yes, I am showing off my pride in my country.  Hmmm, now I have to find the other photos, I really hate it when I can't find something on the system.  Am I the only one like this?  Found the one that I wanted, it is a picture of the biscournu before I stitched it together.  As you can see, Janice has already put it to good use, see the needle sticking out - she was absolutely thrilled to receive this.  Well folks, time to find the other pictures and maybe do some more stitching this afternoon.  Take care, love ya, big hugs. Louise

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  1. What a great Christmas biscornu! I have the chart in my stash... I'll have to dig it out for next Christmas, it looks so cute!