Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back from Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Hi there, did ya miss me? I do apologize, it took me forever to get back into things after being sick in January and February. As the title states, I am back from Sturbridge. I attended the Stitchers Hideaway alumni retreat in Sturbridge. What a fantastic time I had - I received the door prize for coming the furthest distance - it is a big frog with googly eyes and its mouth is wide open! It reminded me of having to kiss the cod in Newfoundland (a tradition to get "screeched in" so that you can become an honourary Newfoundlander), so I promptly gave the frog a kiss hoping that it would appease the "Goddess of stitching boo-boos" - guess what - it worked!! I have to admit though, at times I was a little worried.... I was the sole Canadian sitting in a room of American women when the Olympic womens hockey game was on... Canada vs USA.... oh dear... but you know what - we had a lot of fun with the Olympics, we cheered on our teams, commiserated with each other, teased each other and of course, I had to say "let the best team win.... and may that team be Canada, eh". During all this frivolity, I did manage to get some stitching done and my Toy Shop is almost finished, well not quite.... these little Mill Hill beaded kits are very deceiving. They are full of beads (regular size and petite) and this one has a ton - okay, a lot of different beads, if I remember correctly 9 different ones and they are everywhere!! So as soon as I am finished it, I will be posting a picture for you to ooh and aah over. Then I will get back to my January challenge. Hmmm, I had to change my rules this year since I didn't start one every day. My challenge is to do the original 31 ornaments but the difference this year is I will finish stitching each one before starting a new one. So hopefully I will have lots of pictures to show you soon... Until the next time, remember that you are loved. Big hugs from me to you. Louise

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