Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Procrastination but goodies finally on their way

Hello there, I'm back and I have been busy stitching and relaxing and more relaxing. Retirement is wonderful, highly recommend it. lol Are you wondering about the title of this post? I finally put the Debby's goodies in the mail yesterday. What took me so long you ask? Well.... mystic linen.... the goldarn piece of fabric was hiding from me. I knew it was in a certain box but everytime I checked, it wasn't there. Hurummph... not too happy but I would get distracted by something and off I go to do some stitching. So yesterday, I decided I would get my butt in gear and find the fabric. I looked in my fabric box and there it was, hiding in plain sight!! Don't you just hate it when it happens. Yup, there it was, stuck in between 2 other pieces of linen (big sigh) - okay, a little happy dance. Now for the rest of the winners package - yup, got that.... now for the addresses. I decided that I would put all my addresses together in a word document - after all, what else do we use computers for.... can you see where I am going with this, yup, can't find the addresses. And of course I have signed out of my email account. Here we go again, open email, find all the addresses, cut and paste addresses and now I finally have my list! Envelope time - not a problem, I have lots!! and they are handy, right above the computer desk. So I had great fun putting some stuff in envelopes and off to the post office I went. AND they are now gone. So Debby, Cindy, Ingrid and Diana, keep an eye on the post for the next couple of weeks. Hugs to all. Louise


  1. Aww bless you Louise! I see you had fun getting things ready :D Have a lovely day x

  2. Please remember to submit your stitched piece (50c) or completed stitch project (1$) so as that carole and myself can gift our contribution to the Jaxon fund... This is for the 2013 jar is quite ful!