Monday, November 18, 2013

January 2013 challenge update

Hello everyone, how are you today? Have you managed to find some "Me" time in the daily bustle of life? Me time for me - is stitching or reading. So now that the craft fair is finished for this year, I have some time to sit and relax and enjoy some quiet time. I had to do some serious clean up on my wooden tv/magazine stand next to my stitching chair. It was getting really messy with all the projects that I was working on for the craft fair. So... yup you guessed it, I had to clean it off - now you can see the top of it. While in the process of cleaning it, I started my box for the 2014 challenge! Okay, so I haven't finished all the 2013 starts but I certainly have made a dent in the list!! One of the large projects (7) is finished, the rest will just have to get done next year. lol Of the 9 medium projects, I have 5 done. For all the small projects (34) - most were Christmas ornaments, 25 are completed. Not bad, eh. Now I think that I can finish the balance of the small and medium projects before the end of the year - that is, of course, if I don't start any new ones!! Hugs to all of you, I am a firm believer that we can never have too many hugs. Louise


  1. Bwahaha.....funny, I was just prioritizing my "what's left of 2013 challenge" earlier this morning! I too, made a huge dent in my projects. My 2014 finish my 2013 Challenge! First, I want to finish my AAN New Years....then Mill Hill "Winter Wonderland", Mill Hill "Chickadees", and then......a Bastien "Spring". Thanks for the hugs Louise....if you have never received a hug physically from her, let me describe iT....WONDERFUL!!

  2. You're very organised!!! I still have a wip for 2013 & an other un-started project to stitch for this year.... Better go & grab my needle :D