Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Storm

Hi there, were you one of the unlucky people to get that ton of snow that hit over the weekend? Oh my goodness, what a storm... we were lucky here in Ottawa, I think we only received about 4 inches of the white stuff rather than the 10 they predicted.  I don't mind at all, just think, we had less to shovel!!  thank goodness for that.  And then today, freezing rain.... we must be in Canada, eh!  Don't like the weather... wait 5 minutes.
In case you are wondering, I have been busy stitching but I can't show you... I am such a meanie, teasing you like that. lol  But I can tell you that I am enjoying stitching it.
Okay, enough about that.... what did you think about the last post... $65,000 was raised here in Canada for the CFOPN.... I am just amazed - that is a goodly chunk of money when you stop and think about it.  A lot of people worked very hard to raise that money! 
And that is a good way to end this post, Hugs, Louise

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