Friday, February 1, 2013

Next years challenge (2014)

I know, I know - we have just finished the month of January and what the heck am I doing thinking of next years challenge.  Well, we might have a few WIPs left over from this year.... so I think that next January should be a "Finish some UFOs" challenge.What's the difference between a WIP (work in progress) and a UFO (unfinished object).... about a year in time.  My personal definition is a WIP becomes a UFO if you haven't touched it in at least one year.  And unfortunately I think I might have a few of those but to be fair, I did inherit a few from my friend Suzanne. So I would like to get some of them done.  Yup, sounds like a good challenge to me... what do you think?  I am sure that you probably have at least one project that qualifies.... come on, be honest, only one.... perhaps two or maybe even (gasp) three?  lol 
Leave a note if this sounds like something that would interest you....
Take care, thanks for reading my blog.  Tomorrow I will give you some stats of the last month.  Hugs Louise

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  1. well Louise I will join stitching projects to finish for thw whole year but you know I only have one at a time I finished one that was nothing a sewing machine and then I put a border around it but you can add for a Feb start as I did have it started on Jan 30 which it is country cottage Silent night so add me to Feb. as to finish this one I just stitch one thing at a time