Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31 and stitching challenge is done

Wow, it's finally January 31 and it is the end of the month and the stitching challenge/adventure is officially over.  So how did you do? Did you have a start for every day? or every week?  The most important question - Did you have fun??? 
I certainly enjoyed it. Getting up in the morning, digging into my little jars and pulling out the pick(s) for the day, choosing the fabric and threads. What a lot of fun.  So how did I do... well, you knew from the start that I had more than 31 projects in my jars and today I counted them all.  Big breath... I started 50 projects!! Yes, you read that correctly - 50 projects.  I completed 19 small ornament size projects (the stitching is done, just the finishing to do).  I was actually aiming for 20 so I think that I did pretty darn good.  Sometime over the weekend, I will get my entire list together and put it in one of the side blocks so that you will be able to see at a glance when they are done.  Once I have posted a picture of the last couple of finishes (Country Christmas, Six Stockings), I will only post a picture of the completed project (framed, made into an ornament, etc).  I now have the rest of the year to completely finish the rest of these projects...hmmm, now the question is: which one do I work on first?  decisions, decisions ... lol
On that happy note, love you all, thank you so much for reading this blog. Take care and remember that you are loved. Louise


  1. Congrats on the amount of ornaments done, and all the others started louise! I finally finished the challenge, and have 31 projects with 6 stitched and two finishes. You did an outstanding job! I look forward to finding out how everyone fared

  2. Congrats to both of you on all your starts and finishes! Wow 50!!! I have started 31, and have around 8 completed stitching that need to be finished into ornaments! Willdo a better count on Wednesday when I'm home. Bigs hugs to all!