Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 24 of stitching challenge

So my dear friends, how are you doing with this challenge?  Its day 24 and only 7 more days to go. Yahoo.  I see I forgot to post yesterday, I must have been busy!  It's really cold here, we are in the middle of a cold snap -25 degrees Celcius and that is without the wind chill.  My brain must have been frozen. lol That's my story.
Yesterday's picks were Bent Creek Trio and I did the little house, it is basically 2 inches square, so cute.  And the other pick for yesterday was a Barbara Ana design: Hand Over the Coffee (and no one gets hurt). So appropriate for a lot of my friends.  Todays pick is another design by Lizzie-Kate: Snow Bum.  I was working on it today at Janices when she was having problems with her piece and I could hear the muttering and I was totally ignoring her (not really).  She said she was in the middle of a crisis and her best stitching buddy was not being very helpful - I told her I was busy .... I was in the middle of my bum.  You should have seen the shocked look I got.  It was way too funny. When I finished stitching the word "bum", I gave her my undivided attention... in other words, she handed over the fabric and asked if I could find her error.  It did take me a few minutes to find it and she only had to do a bit of frogging so she was happy.  And I am sure that you know by now that stitchers will never leave their friends hanging by a thread (pun intended), we are always glad to help find the other persons errors for them.  On that happy note, have a great evening, wonderful day and until tomorrow, lots of hugs. Louise

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