Monday, January 21, 2013

Mirabilia Winter White Santa is finally chosen

Hi everyone, as the title states - Mirabilia Winter White Santa is finally chosen.  I laughed because I really started this whole challenge/adventure so that I would finally start my Winter White Santa and the month is almost over. Todays small pick is Attractive Opposites, this booklet included 2 patterns, so the first design was chosen earlier on in the month and now I will start the second one. 
I finally have some pictures to share with you.  My Don't Bug Me, I'm Stitching is finished as well as Friends and Cozy Christmas Wishes.  My needle was flying today, I love it when things go smoothly.  Once again, my pictures have a weird tinge to them, the fabric for the don't bug me is a beautiful overdyed yellow evenweave. I will see if I can take some better pictures later, maybe with better light.  Well, you can tell I am not a photographer. lol  Until tomorrow, hugs to all. Louise

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