Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2 of the Great Stitching Adventure

Day 2 of the Great Stitching Adventure - lol - sorry folks, I couldn't help myself - the title just came to me and it wouldn't change! lol  So.... how are you all doing?  My update, hmmmm, okay I will tell you.... I finished the little L-K Faith ornament, it is so sweet and whips up relatively quick so I will probably being doing a few more of these this year!  And then I worked on the Teapot by AuryTM. I did the middle medallion in the DMC colour variations of deep purple and then I changed to a DMC colour variations that has green, a tinge of yellow and white - it is very pretty and it looked fantastic on the overdyed aqua luguana that I had chosen.  Unfortunately, after having stitched 2 large diamonds, I didn't like how it looked so I frogged the diamonds! But I do love the deep purple combo and will continue with it for the entire teapot!
Todays picks are the Christmas Tree Collection II by JBW and the medium size project is the Treble Clef by Ink Circles.  I fell in love with this one when I saw it done 2 years ago.  Clare (in Ohio) had done the 3 of them and they were so pretty, so I of course had to go and buy all 3 of them! And, no I am not musically inclined - I love to sing but I think most people would prefer I sing "Far, far away".  (old joke)
To all my lovely friends who are participating, leave a comment and let us know how you are doing.  Please send me a picture (to my regular e-mail) once a week and I will post them for all of us to see, just fan out the projects and take a pic. 
Would you like to join us on this crazy adventure?  Join in anytime - find a couple of projects that you have been wanting to start for the past couple of months/years, pull them out and start them!!  Yup, that's it, that's the idea, find some "old" projects and get stitching! They can also be an afghan that you have been meaning to knit/crochet or a hardanger piece - just don't forget to have fun!!
Until tomorrow, happy stitching.  Love Louise

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