Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18 of crazy stitching challenge

Well folks, we are more than half way through this crazy adventure.  And crazy I must be ... because this morning I added 2 more projects to my jars and no, they are not small ones.  I added Mirabilia Christmas Elegance and "Housework Makes You Ugly".  One of the ladies I met on the cruise last year was telling me about this pattern (the ugly one) and she very kindly sent me the info. I laughed when I saw it so of course, I had to buy it.  So while I was sitting stitching todays pick (L-K: Friends), I was thinking of all the different charts that I have in the January challenge box when I remembered "ugly".  Hurummph, guess who had to get up and get it and put it in the box.  Holy hannah, when this month is over I will probably have 31 projects started! Yikes.  According to Dani (another blogger, see the link below), you are supposed to start all these projects in January and see how many you finish in the year.  Good thing that I am retired, I now have more time to stitch!  But it will be interesting to see how many I complete this year and if this works, I will probably do it again next year.  Oh my goodness, I can hear my friends groaning already. tee hee.  So my dear friends, until tomorrow, take care of yourselves, lots of hugs. Louise

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