Friday, January 4, 2013

Hockey Santa

Good morning, it's basically 9 am here and I am yawning like crazy. I don't think my brain has woken up yet.  Today I picked the Santa with the hockey stick. It is a fairly large "small" project about 5x4 inches so I don't think I will get it finished in one day (big sigh).  The good news is that I finished stitching LOL yesterday. So that means the 3 smalls that I chose this past week are done - well, the stitching is finished now I just have to make them into ornaments. 
I had a wonderful day at Janice's house yesterday, stitching and talking and laughing.  She does get herself into some silly situations some times - good thing she can laugh at herself, I am still giggling.  Yesterday she was working on one of the earlier Mill Hill beaded kits and the beading was causing her a lot of angst - I kept hearing her muttering to herself which I very wisely did not answer. lol  We have all had those projects - finish a row and heave a big sigh of relief that that part is done and lo and behold, the next row is just as bad!! Yep, I kept quiet when I heard the muttering.... inside I was giggling and being very thankful that it wasn't me! tee hee
I will post a picture on Saturday of my projects, I have asked the other ladies who are having just as much fun as me to send me their pictures once a week and I will upload them to the blog.  So be prepared some time over the weekend to see some photos from various people.  I love the lists that I have seen from my friends in Ohio - there are some very large projects in their lists.  It will be fun to see how many of them we finish by years end.
So folks, time for me to make a big mug of tea and get started on my stitching.  Hugs to you all and thanks for reading my blog.  Louise

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  1. Hockey Santa sounds like something I should be doing!!! Wow I hadn't realized you were doing 32 little & 16 med projects - I feel like an under achiever with only 31 planned in total! I should have my new new laptop (2nd one this year) configured this weekend, so I'll post my pics on stitchin-witches! Hugs to you! Looking forward to seeing your pics and the progress of the others too!