Friday, January 25, 2013

Mirabilia: Christmas Elegance & Santa Biscournu

Hello, hello, tis me again.  Today I picked the beautiful Christmas Elegance by Mirabilia for my large project start, she is so beautiful with her large skirt draped around her and she is sitting on a purple chaise.  Just lovely. And for the small pick, it is a Santa biscournu.  Now, I just want to let you know that neither one of these designs will be finished today, my needle does not go that fast!  But I will be working on my Ski Bum, it has this gorgeous periwinkle for the mountains, it is just calling my name.... come and stitch.... come and stitch.  I don't have any other finishes to share with you so you will just have to be patient with me while I stitch up some of the goodies that I have started.  Take care, have a great day.  Hugs Louise

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