Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 28 - What was I thinking??

Hi there, yup, its Day 28 and I have to admit... I have reached the saturation point! What was I thinking when I suggested this/started this - I must have been crazy... yup, crazy about stitching!  This morning I finished the L-K Family and then I started on "Country Christmas" by Little House Needleworks which is one of todays picks.  Well - that pesky little frog decided to pay me a visit, not only did he come to visit once, nope not even twice..... that gol-darn frog visited me THREE times this afternoon while I was working on the Country Christmas.  And you are asking, was it big areas.... each time was at least 50 stitches that I had to frogged!!  Hurumph, I was not impressed!!  You would think that after having been visited once I would pay more attention... mmmhhhmmm... honest, I did, I counted correctly but I started in the wrong spot TWICE (big, big sigh).  But I didn't give up, I frogged and then I re-stitched until supper time. I know that you had a wonderful day stitching because I kept that little frog out of your hair!!   On that wonderful note, hugs to all, have a great day.  Louise
Oops, almost forgot to tell you, the second pick for today is a Mill Hill beaded kit entitled World Peace.

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