Friday, January 11, 2013

Attractive Opposites & Believe

Hi there, tis me again, long time no talk. lol  Well, todays picks are Ink Circles Attractive Opposites and the Mill Hill Bead kit entitled "Believe" and I will be very honest, neither one will be completed within a day (gol darn it).  But I do have a little surprise for you.  I took a picture of 2 more smalls that I have finished.  Both are done on aida cloth from my stash, the first Noel (done in red) is the JBW Designs "French Country - Hearts I" Noel and the other Noel is a freebie from Kinkavel Krosses with DMC threads from my stash. 

And Clare in Ohio posted her starts for the week. Shh, don't tell her but I copied her picture from the stitching group that I joined a couple of years ago so that I could share it with you.  Those ladies are awesome.
Once again, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Hugs, Louise

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  1. Great smalls! I especially love the JBW design.