Monday, February 18, 2013

Stitching day at Carole's

Hi there, so sorry for not posting in a while, I have been busy stitching up a storm.  On Saturday our friend Carole had a stitching day at her house.  Oh it was wonderful getting together with her and Marg and Janice. It was a small group but it was a day filled with lots of laughter and I do mean LOTS, at one point we were laughing so hard we had tears running down our faces.  And we did a ton of stitching... and of course every once in a while we heard someone say oops (that's the polite version) and we would all be quiet until the person figured out if she had a boo-boo or if she was looking at the wrong spot on the chart (that does happen you know).  Fortunately for all of us that nasty little green creature aka the frog stayed away from her house. And if he was visiting you, I am so sorry .... hee hee. 
So what was everyone working on... hmm, I was working on my Hockey Santa (I stitched a goodly part of his beard... row after row after row of white/off-white), Carole was also working on one of her challenge pieces as was Janice.  Marg has a new grandson so she was working on his Christmas stocking.  I also took the opportunity to look at all the projects that Carole started  - oh she has some lovely ones in such pretty colours.  Can't wait to see them finished! 
You might remember that Janice issued a challenge to those of us who participated in the January challenge... she would put $1 in the pot for every completed project we have!!  I thought that was very generous of her. Well folks, I have some very generous friends - Carole said she would do the same thing!!
On that wonderful note, have a great day and remember that you are loved.  Louise

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