Sunday, June 3, 2012

Playdate with Jaxon

Hello wonderful readers, I wanted to share with you  my lovely day with Jaxon.  Last Friday, I was finally able to get together with Lara and Jaxon - gosh between the surgery, recovery time and various appointments for them and me, it has been quite some time since we got together.  Here in Ottawa, it was a cloudy, overcast day and it eventually rained so it was the perfect day to play inside.  I arrived around 10-ish and after finishing my tea, we went to the basement to play.

We played some "hockey" (his version of it), he is so cute with his miniature hockey stick and he can actually hit the ball. Then we played some ball (tossing it back and forth with lots of giggling), raced some cars on a nifty race track with lots more giggles and then it was time for lunch!!  While my niece Lara prepared lunch (tortellini - Jaxon's favorite), Jaxon and I played Pirate Pop, it involves sticking swords in a barrel until one of the swords causes the pirate to pop out of the barrel - oh my goodness, I can't tell you the number of times that I jumped when the pirate finally popped and of course we giggled some more!  And then we had some lunch and right in the middle of eating his tortellini, Jaxon looks at me and says "I love you very much".  aaahhhh   So as you might have guessed, I had a wonderful day with them.

May all of you have an "aaahhh" moment today.

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  1. Awwwwww, it sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you've had some giggles. Those are the best days!!