Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ever have one of those days?

Hi everyone, today I was working on Bethlehem and everything was going just super and then I look and see one stitch that is half way down on the next line.... big sigh, its ripping time.  Okay, no problem, I don't normally make a lot of mistakes so I take out 2 rows... only about 20 stitches, it could have been worse... right!?!  And so time passes and holy crap, there's another one... hmmmm (grumbling under my breath)... rip out about 5 stitches - whew, caught that one in time.  So I have some lunch and start stitching again.... bummer another boo-boo.  None of these mistakes are errors in counting!!  The fabric (lugana) has a very tight weave and then the opalescent thread runs through it and every single mistake I made today was the gol-darn opalescent thread that got in the way!!! I did get a lot done on it but I would have gotten further along if it hadn't of been for that pesky frog!! 

Hope you had a wonderful day and that pesky frog did not visit you because he was too busy at my place!!

Hugs to all

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