Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Stitch in Time

Good morning wonderful people, it is a beautiful morning here and I thought I would share the latest project with you before I get busy and do some exciting chores like laundry and cleaning (ugh).   When I was in Branson, I was talking with Emily (one of the wonderful ladies that I met there) about the Mill Hill bead kits, I was working on the Wizard and she was working on one of the Mardi Gras masks.  To make a long story short.... she showed me the latest kits and of course I had to buy this one!!  It is called A Stitch in Time and contains everything that a cross-stitcher would/could use, it even contains a variety of stitches.  I am currently a little more than half way.  Here is a picture of my progress on this one, I am hoping to have it finished before the end of the month.
Group hug to all of you, Louise
PS, the paper is a little curled but that will straighten out after it is finished, I usually put a heavy book on them or iron them.

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  1. It's looking nice so far, Louise. Can't wait to see the rest of it!