Friday, July 6, 2012

A New Finish and a New Start

Hello dear friends, tis me again - another posting for you to read.  As the title suggests, I have finished another project and started a new one.  And my apologies to my friend Cindy who wants the Bethlehem, sorry it isn't quite done yet!  With the fabric that I am using for Bethlehem, I find it difficult to work on it at night time so it is a day project... but I couldn't just sit and watch TV without working on something!!  Santa's Coming was a freebie chart from Shepherds Bush many years ago.  It is just over 3 inches square and I did it on an overdyed blue aida cloth using DMC and Victoria Clayton silk threads.

Yesterday was spent stitching at Janice's house, we get together once a week just to sit and stitch and talk (lol) and of course we laugh a lot.  She wanted to start a tabletopper and I said that when she did, I would start one as well.  So as you can probably guess, yesterday we started our tabletoppers.  Dutch Treat Designs has so many beautiful designs that it makes it difficult to choose which one to do first. Janice is stitching the Autumn leaves and I started the Poinsettia tabletopper.  Here it is as of yesterday afternoon.
So lovely readers, thanks for taking the time to read my posts, I do love reading your comments.
Until the next time, take care


  1. Santa's coming is so cute!Good luck on the new project.

  2. I did Santa's Coming on a fabric with the "lines" in it. It's a cute stitch. I love the look of your new topper - I look forward to seeing it "grow"! Take care!