Sunday, March 3, 2013

Aury's Wicked Accident

Hi there, well I finally had the chance to upload my pictures, didn't realize I had taken so many (197)! Here is the promised Wicked Accident and I finished another one of the smalls from the January challenge Ze Rink.  I have to admit that once I got back to the Wicked Accident, it seemed to stitch up fairly quickly, I just loved the motifs in the pumpkin and of course I loved the purple and black stockings! On the other hand, the little guy on the pond seemed to take forever!! He is actually skating on a pond (done in white) surrounded by snow (done in white) with snow (done in white) covered trees in the background.  Did I mention that there was a lot of white in this little guy... lol.  That's all for today, I still have to shrink some pictures of the Mystic Aquarium and the Naval Submarine base for later posts.  Love ya. Louise

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  1. Oh you I wish I could have gone with you next time you go there you have to come to Ohio and back track to CT. I have been to Sudberry house isn't it FUN!!! great stitching and yes a lot of white