Monday, March 4, 2013

Mystic Aquarium

Hi there, I went through my pictures and pulled some of the good ones from the acquarium.  You will have to forgive me on some pics because they might be a little out of focus... those darn fish just don't stay still! So I have some pics of the Beluga whales, in the first one, the whale is actually looking at a tourist takes its picture and the second one is showing the whale on top and beneath the water as the trainer asks him to do his tricks.  This was the start of the aquarium for us.  How grand is that?
Then we saw the sea lion show, I didn't like the shots but I did get a marvelous picture outside of a big old sea lion showing off for me.  He poses in his natural haughty manner and then shows off his flexibility by bending his head backwards to touch his nose to his back!!


We also saw some African penguins who were just standing around and then they went into the water and one of them gave me the "eye".  



Then we saw some other fish inside the buildings where you could pet a shark (I did), watch the seahorses (could have sat there for hours), looked at sea turtles and a large fish with a very long snout. But I have to admit this guy didn't want to have his picture taken because he kept veering off and when I did get a shot, another fish would swim in front!!  I did get a couple and I took the best one to show you but it could be a bit fuzzy. Sorry about that. Take care and have a wonderful day. Louise

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