Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some goodies from Mystic

Hi there, I am once again apologizing for not posting, it has been a whole week!  Debby wanted to see some of the wonderful goodies that I bought on my trip to Mystic CT.  I had so much fun shopping, I am like a kid in a candy store! especially when I am looking at the overdyed fabrics.  And Sudberry House... oh my goodness, I could have spent a whole lot more there than I did but I restrained myself... I did, honestly!  Okay so here are some pics of the goodies.  I had to buy the candle screen, so I bought the small and the large, then of course, I needed some more Mill Hill beaded kits and floss.  Oh my goodness, one of the ladies at the retreat was using this beautiful floss and I had to go and find out the name of it.  It is Bejeweled (you can see it in the front), it is the most gorgeous green and dark green (almost black) and it stiches up so beautifully.  Then of course, I had to buy a few charts, I love the one with the purse and the hat by JBW, I think that they will stitch up just lovely and I will have to have a few done for Christmas.  Then there are the other Sudberry House goodies, the beautiful Keepsake boxes, the octogon (that one is for me, it has a mirror inside with a cream velvet lined interior) and then I found this pillow with the corresponding JBW design Papillion/Butterfly and all these DMC cones for $3, so I of course had to buy them. 
Now did I have fun, you bet!  And I have even started stitching with some of the goodies that I bought.  So maybe tomorrow I will show you my finishes.  Take care, have a great day and remember, until we meet again, keep on stitching. Luv ya dearly. Louise




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  1. As always these days, I'm behind on blog reading! But what a haul - you did a great job. And can well imagine that you restrained yourself and left a lot behind. There's just so much stuff out there, it's incredible. I'll keep watching to see finishes as you post them.