Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Present from Cindy

I just had to share this with you.  My friend Cindy sent me some really cute things that she made especially for me (doesn't that make me sound special).   I love the Mug Rug, what a nifty idea and when I have my craft room all set up, that will be on the table right next to my chair to hold my cup of tea for me.  But I have to admit - I was wondering what the heck the Grin'n It was?!?  I felt like one of  the cartoon characters that have the little cloud over their head with a whole bunch of question marks in it.  Well yesterday I was exhausted and it wasn't until this morning when I looked at it again that it dawned on me. duh.... what a dumb bunny - of course it says "Grin and Bear It".   The two little teddy bears made it all the way from Colorado to Ottawa without a mishap.
So folks, until the next time, have a great day and remember that you are loved.  Louise

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