Friday, September 14, 2012

Hi everyone

Hello to everyone, I have been remiss in posting... a friend just sent me an e-mail to see if I was alright.  What a sweetie.  She is a wonderful lady that I had the pleasure of meeting at Branson this past April.  We have kept in touch through e-mails and she and her daughter read my blog all the time.  So to my wonderful friend Diana and her lovely daughter Nat, thank you for caring. 
I have been stitching a bit, working on my angel, I will have to take a picture tomorrow to show you the progress.  As well, I have been working on another little Merry Mouse, she is almost finished and she can't wait to show off her beautiful nightshirt and nightcap with matching slippers.  I have her nightcap to stitch and then a bit of backstitching to do.  I did a lot of the backstitching at the doctors office yesterday while I was waiting for Dad.  Yes he is doing fine and it was just a follow up and the best news - the doctor doesn't want to see him for another year!!
I have also been cleaning out some of the boxes that I have had (feels like forever) since I did some renovations, so that has kept me busy and yes, it feels great to get rid of some stuff!!  I spent most of today going through my jewellery boxes and that was an eye opener!  I put a lot of things into a bag for charity and then I cleaned some silver jewellery that I have (that took me all evening), my fingers were black (I am not kidding) after doing all that cleaning!  And the cleaning cloth is no longer white and pristine!
Well friends, it is past the witching hour and time for me to head for bed.  Hugs to all, luv ya dearly and once again, thank you for reading my blog.  Louise

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