Thursday, September 6, 2012

Poppy has beads!

Hi everyone, I finally got my package last week and was able to put all the beads on my Poppy.  It looks gorgeous (if I do say so myself... lol).  I did not do the green that is supposed to surround the poppy so I will be able to use a smaller frame.  The perforated paper has a slightly mottled light green effect which unfortunately does not show up in the picture.  I have to apologize for the size of the picture, when I made it smaller, the background went wonky (now there is a word for you), it looked as if a mad professor was trying to drive you nuts with a herringbone design.  It was horrendous and my eyes were going nuts just looking at it so I left it the bigger picture.
So now that the Mill Hill Poppy kit is finished, what am I working on?  It's an angel for a friend of mine. Sorry, it is not a Mirabilia or a Lavender & Lace angel!  I will post a picture soon of the progress, right now, I have about 2 inches of her dress done, so it really doesn't look like much. So until the next time, keep smiling and have a great day.  Hugs to all. Louise


  1. The poppy is beautiful! It is too bad the "camouflage" type colour does not works so well. The perforated paper is by MillHill, and the colour is called Granite. A beautiful stitching job Louise! Cannot wait to see it in a frame...big squishy hugs