Friday, August 17, 2012

A Trio of Snowmen

Hi everyone, I hope that you are doing fine and having a good day.  Yesterday I finished stuffing my little snowmen and as I was finished one, I would hang it on my wall.  So here they are, all dressed in their gorgeous outfits ready to be duly admired.  So please say ooh and aah or my favorite... he's so cute!   lol 

I have to apologize to the designer at Val's Stuff, I completely forgot to give them credit for this design!! I am so sorry, I must have been super tired when I posted this. Duh...    This design is entitled "Happy Holidays" by Val's Stuff.  It is so pretty and easy to stitch, I have already stitched several for my friends. They were done on 14 count gold sparkle aida with threads by DMC and Victoria Clayton.


  1. Hi louise....I love the one on the far left, which, for you folks would be the one on the far right! I tend to prefer the more traditional colours I guess....they are so cute...being a connoisseur of la chapeau eh...I love the colour choices....I have a line on a brand new serger..30$....keep stitching

  2. I love seeing your snowmen especialy since it is going to be 95 here today!