Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pair of Snowmen

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well and enjoying some good weather wherever you are.  Today I finished two more snowmen.  I had started these last week at Janices, I had hoped to start a new humbug but the design was messing with my head. lol  So after making 2 mistakes and realizing that the white was done over 1, I put it aside for another day and started the snowmen.   Once again, I used the Happy Holidays design from Val's Stuff with DMC floss and Victoria Clayton silks with aida from my stash.   You know, I really have to thank the designer at Val's Stuff, this is such a cute design and stitches up rather quickly.  And I am very thankful for that because I  have already sold 5 snowmen and got an order today for a very special one.  I will tell you more about that one later on.    Until the next time, take care of yourselves, you are all very special people.  Hugs. Louise

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  1. Hi I recall, we both had problems with "over one"... I had wanted to start a biscornu, only to realize it too was messing with my head...haha...don't remember the lol thing then tho! A few colorful metaphors perhaps....that's what's so great about stitching with you...we quickly got on to something new.....oh, louise taunted me , then forced me to start something new, and the only project I had close by was a large ink circles design...there goes them fiddles....anyhooo...we did laugh a lot, and I enjoy watching the great one choose her colour schemes for those adorable snowmen!!