Thursday, August 23, 2012

A visit with Jaxon and family

Hello tis me again.  I had a lovely visit with Jaxon and the family this morning and now I am pooped.  I don't know how my niece Lara keeps up with her 2 kids.  Whew.  I arrived with my treat for myself - a Tim Hortons tea and some timbits for lunch with some watermelon.  The kids don't like watermelon but Lara and I do!  So we had a lovely slice (or two) and slurped to our hearts content.  Then we went downstairs to play.  Jaxon has been watching his big brother when he was at hockey camp and guess who learnt how to "stick handle".  Oh my goodness, what a character, there he is showing me his stick handling skills and all of a sudden he does a slap shot to score a goal.  Guess who lost... me!!  I think I was too busy laughing to really pay attention and then of course I had to steal the ball away from him, so we giggled some more.  I love his giggles, they make you want to share the laughter which I do and then we giggle some more.   At lunch while we were having our sandwiches, he announce he was going to school in September!  Pardon me, and he repeats it.  Oh my goodness, where did the time go.  Well, he is 3 and a half now, he is getting to be a big boy Aunt Louise.  Well, thank goodness it is only 2 mornings a week, hurrummph, I will have to squeeze in my playdates in between school.  I thought I had another year before I had to worry about school. 
I have to share this with you, it is so cute.  While I was saying good-bye to his brother, I was bent over and my derriere was obviously a lovely target for someone.  Guess who starts giving me some pats on the bum and giggling away, when I turned around and looked at him, he giggled some more and ran and hid behind Mommy.... that didn't stop me, I started kissing him, his face, his head, his legs... then I had to stop because I was laughing too much.  Oh the memories I am making.  It must have taken me at least 20 minutes saying good-bye because we were blowing kisses and having group hugs and just being a silly-billy.  May you all have such a day. Hugs Louise


  1. What a great way to spend the day...did they notice, or did you show them your bracelet? I can't believe jaxon is starting school! How nice your derrière was given its due eh?!

  2. What a lovely way to spend a day , so glad you had fun," All way's look on the bright side of life."