Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aury's Wicked Accident

Hi everyone, I must apologize for not publishing anything in quite some time!!  I am so sorry.  I have been busy, my sister was in town for a week visiting Dad and I.  I had new doors installed and of course I have been stitching.   So are you wondering about the title of this post? 
While we were in Berlin, we decided to go out and take some pictures, there is some really beautiful countryside there. So off we go.  On the side of the road is an upside down shed, so Janice and I convinced Aury (she really didn't need much convincing) to lie down under the shed so it would look like a Wicked Accident.  For those of you who don't stitch, Aury is a designer (AuryTM) and she has this really neat design of a large pumpkin with a witch's hat on the ground and legs and a broom stitcking out of the pumpkin.  So here is a picture of our rendition of Aury's Wicked Accident.  Enjoy.

Here are a couple of other nifty pics that I took.  Luv ya.


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