Monday, November 19, 2012

January 2013 Challenge/Stitching Adventure

January Challenge - hmmm, I am thinking ahead. LOL  Yesterday while I was busy stitching I was thinking of all the lovely designs that I had bought in the past year that I haven't had a chance to stitch yet.  I have such lovely ones - the penguin ornaments, the biscournus, the humbugs and the beautiful house entitled Victorian Charm (a kit by Dimensions).  And I was quite peeved that I hadn't started them ... well I have been busy stitching other goodies that I liked as well but you know how we can be - never enough time to stitch all of our goodies.  Then I started thinking of Dani and her January challenge that she had taken participated in and I thought - what a great idea.  Now for those of you who know me, I have to take it a step further.. yup .... so for the entire month of January, I will start a new project EVERY day.  (Gulp.)  Which also means that I will have to post EVERY day so that you can see what I have started stitching!!  Now most of you are probably thinking... is she crazy?  and the answer to that is an emphatic YES!  I am crazy about stitching.   To be very honest, the majority of these projects will be cute little ornaments like Happy Holidays by Vals Stuff and some of the Christmas trees by JBW (I love her stuff) and the treble clef series by Ink Circles but I have also included 2 large projects, the house I mentioned above as well as my Winter Santa and then some medium projects - a couple of the Mill Hill bead kits.  So the whole idea of this is to finish all these projects that you start in January over the course of the year.  Even as I read this, I am thinking I must be nuts!!!! 
So ladies and gents - are you as crazy as I am?  What to join me in this challenge?  For those of you who are still working and would like to participate, please join in - start one every other day or the absolute minimum - a new project every week!  Well.... think about it and if you are interested in joining me on my insane road to stitching up some new goodies, please leave me a comment and lets have some fun together. 
Lots of warm, gentle hugs from me to you. Louise
PS, I started putting together the designs that I want to do in a box so when January comes, I know where they are! lol

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  1. Louise, yup you are nuts but I love you anyways.
    I can definitely take you up in your challenge. As you know I'm great at starting projects, it's the finishing that is hard for me. LOL.